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Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts – 9/24/10 Addition

By now if you have been reading these emails you have probably learned a couple things about me:

  1. I have a niece that I’m very biased about and I think she is the cutest thing on the planet
  2. I love the Gators (and Tim Tebow- so by default, the Broncos- hey, at least he kept the Orange and Blue on!)
  3. I can’t spell

None of those should come as a shock to you, certainly not the one about me being able to spell!

When I was in elementary school, teachers told my parents that I was slow. They said that I would have trouble in school and that my learning would be handicapped because I had a learning disability; Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, to be exact, a form of dyslexia.

Now, you’re probably asking your self… "Self, why is Lindsay bringing this up, we all have our troubles." And yes, unfortunately, we do. But, here’s why I bring it up…

As a result of this "disability" (although, honors throughout school as well as being a best-selling author might say otherwise); I cannot spell. And at times, the fact that I cannot spell might limit my abilities. I have also recently discovered that the fact that I cannot spell apparently may "discount" my credibility as an expert. Interesting…

To that, I realize, I am keenly aware that no matter what, we cannot please everyone. And, quite frankly, I’m not going to try. We all have our obstacles, I chose to push through them and help as many people as I can, despite the fact that I cannot spell.

Some may not like the way I dress, act, do business, my family, the way I talk, etc. etc. etc. But in the world that we live in that is transparency, I promise you that being you is way easier than keeping up a façade. Because at the end of the day, that’s all you can be.

Not everyone will like me, and I’m learning to be ok with that (although to be honest, the people pleaser in me really wants to). I am not perfect, nor do I ever claim to be. To me, the flaws in people are what make them unique.

People buy people…. And if you buy me, we’ll get you an editor 🙂

Have a great weekend and GO GATORS!

Until next time,


Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts- 9/24/10 Addition

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