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Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts – 8/20 Addition

I still don’t understand the way life can seemingly change overnight. My father used to tell me “the whole world can change in a day,” and like so many things that pass by us or are said to us, we don’t often realize what they truly mean until we experience it for ourselves- when our world is changed. Many of us felt this somewhat whiplash of a change with the economic shift; and I too seem to be reminded of this lesson both personally and in business.

However, to me this lesson is much more than what seems like a nice little kick at times… to me, it’s a reminder to love those close to you in your life and also to be somewhat flexible for what tomorrow brings. I have had to learn that lesson in business too.

As this shift continues to happen, my clients’ needs shift as well – so a product that was selling great 3 years ago- you can’t give away today. Although, it can seemingly give you whiplash – I enjoy the change in business and the constant evolution to my clients needs and adapting to them to provide the best value that I can. It keeps me on my toes- and fuels my ADD ๐Ÿ™‚

I always enjoy feedback; so thank you for responding when you do! As always, please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you!

I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time,



Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts – 8/20 Addition

Mashable’s 12 Stories You May Have Missed

Some of the more interesting stories…

Search Engine Journal’s Weekly Search & Social News: 8/17/2010

Killer Autoresponder Blueprint

I get asked all the time about autoresponders, how to use them, and how to set them up for your best use. Check out this article by Search Engine Journal which lays out a great blueprint on what to write and intervals on when to send.

Hell Must Be Freezing (and Why You Need to Optimize for Bing)

Yes, believe it or not… you actually need to pay attention to BING now. Bing just recently merged with Yahoo and the combo will now hold a 25% market share for search. Still a long way to go to beat Google (and I don’t think that will ever happen), but you need to pay attention to Bing and their algorithm… and yes, it’s different than Google!

If You Care About SEO, You Need to Know About Video

“Any e-business that cares about SEO needs to know six things about video”

7 Services to Find and Reserve Your Name Across the Web

If you haven’t done so already, you need to make sure to reserve your name across the web. You want to make sure there is some consistency with your usernames, so even if you’re not exactly sure how to use all theses services at the moment, taking a second to reserve your name (so nobody else can) is probably a good idea!

5 Trends Affecting How we Connect Through Social Media

“No matter how much we open up on the web, creating new connections online can be intimidating. Just as not everyone can start a conversation with a stranger at the bar, not everyone can comfortably start conversations in social media. Luckily, there are hundreds of online services and apps popping up, trying to solve our social awkwardness and help us discover new connections in new ways. These tools allow even the introverts among us to communicate, find friends, business partners and, yes, dates.”

Facebook Marketing: There’s More to it Than Just Your Fan Count

Are you making the biggest Facebook marketing campaign problem? Learn more, and if you are- find out how to correct it! It’s easier than you think! ๐Ÿ™‚

Facebook Launch Its Location Features

There had been some talk that they were going to do this for a while now… on Wednesday, it was finally released. Definitely a game changer… and certainly some concerns with privacy.

Google Releases Universal Search for Gmail, Docs and Sites

“Ever wanted to search not only your e-mail, but your presentations, spreadsheets and documents? Google is working on an experimental project to do just that.”

How to Use Your Blog to Drive Social Sales

“Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are great marketing channels, but the blog is king. If you aren’t setting your blog up to convert when new Twitter or Facebook users come your way, then your entire content marketing plan will be in jeopardy.” Couldn’t agree more!

What the New Digg Means For Your Business

Digg is making some changes to imprive exposure to sites “dugg” by users. Heres a synopsis, “When people who follow you “Digg” your content, the story will be posted on the My News page of people who follow them. This will allow for viral exposure as your submission is posted on more My News pages. The submissions with the most votes, or Diggs, will appear on your following’s Top News from People You Follow widget posted on the sidebar of the My News page for added exposure.”

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