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Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts – 8/13 Addition

So I’m not exactly sure this where this week has gone… at 12:13pm EST today, Jenna (our account manager) says "Hey – do you have your alert?" … I almost responded, no – it’s not Friday, but oh wait… it is…

So, another week and another alert!

This link isn’t a SEO or SMM Alert, but definitively a very cool story: iHelp for Autism

And for a little comic relief…Social Media Comics LOL

I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! 🙂

Until next time,


Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts – 8/13 Addition

Mashable’s 38 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

Search Engine Journal’s Weekly Search and Social News: 08/10/2010

5 No-So-Easy Steps to Managing Your Brand Online
"Rather than looking at the easy ways to use social media to manage our brand, let’s examine five next-level steps for managing and ultimately defining your brand online."

How To: Get Tweetable Moments from Your Presentations
"Twitter is here to stay but there is some science to creating a perfect, "tweetable moment" during a presentation. That is, a memorable moment that sticks in the mind of your audience long after the presentation is over. How do you get those moments to happen? How do you get an audience to tweet it? How do you fit it into 140 characters or less?"

Delta Starts Selling Flights on Facebook
Delta just launched "Delta Ticket Window" which allows Facebook users to book their Delta flights from directly within Facebook. I believe this is what we call, Facebook taking over ?

Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide
A great article by a good friend of mine, Mari Smith. "This post is designed to help you understand what Facebook can do for your business and lead you through a step-by-step process for getting started on building a compelling presence and optimizing your Facebook marketing."

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