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Lindsay’s SEO and Social Media Marketing Alerts – 3/19 Addition

Here’s what I found interesting this week…PAY ATTENTION to the first one. The guys over at Social Media Examiner do a GREAT job about social media and making it work for your business.

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Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts- 3/19 Addition

5 Easy Steps to Creating Reusable Social Content

I’m not even going to begin to sum this up… just READ IT! 🙂

What Avatar Can Teach You About Repurposing Your Content

Although I think I might be the only one in America that hasn’t seen Avatar, I like this article and it spoke to me as Dad and I were JUST discussing that we needed to go back and repurpose some old articles. Take a look at what you have in your library, dust it off and get it back out there!

“We’re all suckers for a good story — even if we can guess what’s going to happen at the end. Just because you might be a little tired of your tried-and-true message doesn’t mean your audience is. Put their needs first.” Read More…

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