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Lindsay’s SEO and Social Media Marketing Alerts – 3/12 Addition

Well from a very rainy Orlando, here are this week’s articles that I found helpful. I particularly like the first one listed here “Migrating to a New Domain and URL Structure,” the author (Shane Jones) @shanejones does a great job of pointing out some KEY points to make sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

(Here’s hoping the sun comes out!) Have a great weekend!


Lindsay’s SEO and SMM Alerts- 3/12 Addition

Migrating to a New Domain and URL Structure – My Learnings

This articles answers questions to a question I get asked all the time. “How does changing my URL affect my SEO?” Well, my short answer is if at all cost I would save yourself the hassle and not do it. However, I realize there are cases where you just can’t get around it and so, in those cases follow the steps outlined in this article and you should have as minimal damage as possible!

“I know of all too many bad experiences of this, from things like pages dropping forever to massive Google penalties for doing it wrong, which is why the prep work into this was huge. Just from my research I was getting worried about the task at hand. On our website we have over 70,000 URL’s. There were also a lot of rule sets for the different types of url paths our development team created the rules based on my rule sets and there was a huge amount of testing on a server that we had set up purely for testing.” Read More…

One Dead Simple Tactic for Better Rankings in Google Local
I like this article because it is a step-by-step guide to getting your site listed in Google local. And if your website isn’t already listed there, it is a good thing to check out!
“This post is short and easy to follow, just like the tactic it recommends. Most everyone who optimizes for Google Local (aka Google Maps) is familiar with David Mihm’s excellent and oft-referenced Local Search Ranking Factors. In that document, and in many places where local results are analyzed, it’s clear that getting your business/website into more listings, in a consistent fashion is a very good thing.” Read More…

Build Better, Faster & Stronger Connections in Person
I like this article because it reminds us all that you will build a stronger connection with someone when you are face-to-face with them. The Internet has done a wonderful job to help us massage that relationship; being face to face with someone will always be the best way to go. So what do you do when having an in-person meeting just isn’t possible? (I’m using it already, so feel free to find me!) Read More…

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