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Is Your Website Deadly?


Websites are designed to sit there and look pretty, right?

After all, everyone has a website today and don’t you feel obligated to throw some thing up there so that you too have a web address to put on our business card? Unfortunately, THAT is what is wrong with 99% of today’s websites… they do just that, sit there are don’t do anything for you, or your business. In fact, they are probably actually costing you money.

Why would they be costing you money?

Consider this, you give your business card to someone you meet- and he/she, like all of us, goes and “checks you out” on the Internet. When they arrive they are greeted by analysis paralysis with too many choices on the navigation bar, long paragraphs on the homepage, buttons that may or may not work, articles and documents that haven’t been updated since 2006 (at best), music… and wait…. who are they actually dealing with- a large corporation? Who’s the contact person? So, they say to themselves, “this is too confusing” and leave your site. That person could have been one of your biggest clients; no matter how good your sales pitch was, you lost them through the chaos of your website.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, we hear this a lot from our clients. And yes, at one point I too fell victim to the “deadly website.”

What do we ALL want when looking to do business with someone? Be it a doctor, lawyer, clothing line, whatever- we look to connect with the person. We wear Nike to be like Tiger, buy dishes to cook more like Rachael Ray, buy Louis Vuitton well, because it’s Louis Vuitton! As a consumer, we want to know them, like them, trust them and ultimately do business with them. Your website should be no different. It should have YOUR personality in it and showcase YOU as the expert in your field. If you can do this, then why would anyone want to do business with someone else if YOU are the expert?

To be the expert you have to declare yourself as the expert.

You do this through content. I recently received a call from an ABC producer that wanted to speak with one of our clients about being on Good Morning America (although, as the story would pan out she got bumped by our new President Barack Obama- but, that’s a different story….). How did this producer find her? Through a Google search looking for a foreclosure expert in the Orlando area. After visiting her site, which confirmed her expert status, he called to book her. Your website should be doing that too, so that be it a producer or a potential client that is searching on the Internet for the expert, they find YOU – and your website confirms it!

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