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How to Read Basic Facebook Page Analytics

Facebook business pages can be rather easy to set up and maintain. If you were at all experienced with Facebook when you created your page, you probably found it all to be quite simple. It’s the analytics where things can get thick.

For being free to use, yet enabled to market to literally millions, Facebook is truly a notable advertising product. If that weren’t enough, it offers useful analytics to monitor user engagement, effectiveness of campaigns, demographics, and the list goes on. In fact, just exporting the "Page Level Data" for Celebrity Branding Agency’s Facebook page for one month, we’re given around 92 different "key" metrics. We’re not even sure we want to know that much! But we’re not complaining. This wealth of information gives us the freedom to discover many things about our potential clients – if we just take the time.

Now, we don’t recommend that you dive into this overwhelming pile of data right away, so in this training session we’ll just be focusing on the basics.

Login to your Facebook account and navigate to your company’s page. You’ve probably always noticed the Admin Panel at the top. But have you taken a little time to absorb the information? New Likes, Messages, and the topic of the day, Insights. The Insights graph is presented pretty simply.

The purple dots, of course represent your posts, the larger ones representing multiple posts within a day. Pretty straight-forward.

Skipping head to the blue line, "Reach" is a pretty easy concept to grasp too. It means, "the number of unique people who have seen your post." Keep in mind "unique" basically means non-repeat. This metric won’t include people who have seen your post in their news-feed two or three times.

The green line is an expression of the people "Talking About This." That sounds great, but what does that really mean? Are there really people who have been to your Facebook Page and have then created their own status update saying, "Celebrity Branding Agency just posted a tip on personal branding and I think it’s great!" Not necessarily. Facebook defines it as, "The number of unique people who have created a story about your page in the last 7 days." But what is a "story" then? Back to Facebook’s definitions, a "story" is created when someone "likes, comments on or shares your post; answers a question you posted; or responds to your event. Basically, your "Talking About This" number is the number of non-repeat users who have engaged somehow with something you put on Facebook.

Want more information out of this number? Click the "See All" link in the top right corner of your graph on the Admin Panel. A larger graph will show up and below that, a list of your posts by date. Identify the post you’re interested in and the "Talking About This" column, then click the number. A small box with a pie chart will appear showing just what kind of "stories" make up that number.

If that isn’t enough for you, change from the "Overview" tab to the "Talking About This" tab at the top. You’ll find information on gender, age, location and all kinds of great stuff about your engaged users.

It might be helpful to take a little time on a slow afternoon to explore your Facebook Insights. You might be surprised at what you find. And I guarantee it will give you useful information as you continue to refine your outreach tactics and learn what best engages your Facebook clients and potential clients. This awareness of your reach and special understanding of your clients and potential clients is just another way to stand out from the competition. When you can learn to effectively utilize the data your potential customers are giving you, you’ll be able to reach them in a personal and specific way that will help them view you as their expert.

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