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How Embedded Posts Can Help Your Brand

embedded posts

With most social media platforms jumping on the embedded post platform (Google+ being the latest), people are starting to wonder how they can use this new tool to beef up their online presence.

While the practical uses may be limited, there are some simple things you can to take advantage of this tool. Here they are:


  • Customer reviews. It’s quite common nowadays for customer to leave their commentary on a company’s social media page. Now that you can embed posts, it would be really easy to create a “From Social Media” section of your testimonials page and embed all your great reviews there. Seeing the person the review comes from helps add an extra layer of legitimacy in the eyes of the person reading your site.
  • Related posts. If, for instance, you have a Facebook post that’s related to a blog you’ve posted, you can embed it in the blog as an added bit of information. This is especially helpful with photos, quote images, and tip images. If the post generated good conversation with your followers, even better! Hopefully it will encourage your blog readers to keep the conversation going, and it will definitely encourage them to go follow you!
  • Real time updates. If you embed posts from Facebook (vs. Twitter), your readers are able to interact directly from your website and their responses will show up on your website and on Facebook. This encourages and builds up engagement both on your site and on Facebook in one fell swoop!
  • Customer sharing. Since your business page is public, other users will be able to embed your posts on their own sites. For instance, if a blogger finds your tip of the week useful and then posts about how it helps them, they’ll be able to embed your tip directly into their blog, which increases your reach and can help you gain new fans!
  • Custom apps. If you have a custom app that offers a coupon or another offer for liking your Facebook page, you can then embed that on your website to entice your blog readers to follow-through with liking your Facebook page. Then you’ll be able to share your other content with them on a more consistent basis.

Those are just a few of the ways you can make embedded posts work for you! Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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