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Five Simple Ways To Improve Your Facebook Presence Using EdgeRank

While it’s not new, you may have heard a lot lately about Facebook ‘s EdgeRank and how it’s complicating things for businesses on Facebook.  EdgeRank is Facebook’s content-ranking algorithm that determines which content shows up in each user’s News Feed. Though it can seem overwhelming, EdgeRank does not need to make Facebook a frustrating platform for businesses. Here are five easy things you can do to make the most out of EdgeRank:

  1. Make posts visual! There’s a reason the saying "A picture’s worth a thousand words." has been around for so long: it’s true.  And it’s even more true on Facebook , where the most highly ranked items are images and video. Does this mean you have to use an image or video with every single post? No. It just means it’s best to use them whenever you have a great photo or video that relates to what you want to post about.

    Just so you know, EdgeRank ranks posts containing links the next highest, followed by plain text posts.

  2. Keep it short! According to Facebook, posts between 100 and 250 characters get 60% more likes, comments and shares, all of which help your EdgeRank score.  This is especially important now that more than half of monthly active users are accessing the site via mobile devices where it’s less enjoyable to read long posts.
  3. Diversify! While photo and videos do receive a higher EdgeRank score, you don’t want to limit yourself to solely visual posts because it will quickly get boring for your fans. Instead, use your Facebook page to link to articles you’ve written, or articles that express your views that you’ve found elsewhere on the Web. You can even post quotes that express your views on life and business. Of course, incorporating visuals when it makes sense will only make them better.

    Another valuable type of post for any business owner is a simple question. Not only does this add variety to your page, but it can also allow you to gain valuable insight into what your customers are thinking. For instance, if you ask your fans "What’s your biggest fear about retirement?", you can then create a blog or article to specifically addresses those concerns. This just positions you as even more of an expert to your clients.

  4. Post at least once a day! Once someone likes your page, there’s a 96% they’ll never visit your profile again. But before you start wondering why you’re bothering with Facebook to begin with, keep in mind that they’ll be looking for information from you in the same place they’ll be looking for information from their friends: in their News Feed.

    Therefore, the best way to keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers is to post relevant content every single day. While you don’t want to over-post (i.e. don’t post every hour or every thirty minutes), posting at least once a day gives your content a higher priority because EdgeRank gives fresher content a better score.

  5. Interact with your fans! As your business presence grows and people react more to your brand, they’re more likely to start adding comments and asking questions. While you don’t need to check for responses constantly, checking once or twice a day shows that you care about your customers and truly want to help them.

    For example, if you ask a question and then write a corresponding blog about the feedback, go ahead and post it as a new status, but then go back and post it in the previous status and tag those who initially responded. That way you make sure they know you’ve addressed their concerns.

    Need another reasons to interact with your clients? Engagement makes EdgeRank very, very happy. The more you engage with your clients, the higher your engagement goes, and the more likely your posts are to show up in the News Feed.

So there you go—despite recent commentary to the contrary, EdgeRank does not have to be a hindrance to your online presence. In fact, knowing how to use EdgeRank to your advantage can only help your business grow!

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