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Double the alerts next week, as I got caught up with Turkey :)

(There are no alerts this week as I took a break to be with Family for Thanksgiving. I promise to have double next week and we’ll be back on track!)

My father always told me that “the whole world can change in a day” … I never realized that I would learn that lesson over and over again….

I tend to mark “years” by events…. and I re-live the last year of my life as “where I was in life this time last year.” Most of the time these reflections are on signification holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, 4th of July etc.

Thanksgiving is a natural time for reflection and to give thanks. I spent my Thanksgiving with my family at my Aunt and Uncle’s ranch… Kendal told us what she was thankful for, "Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Papa Jack, Aunt Lindsay, puppies, cow and horses" … you can tell what was around her 🙂

You may or may not know my full story of what I have been through this past year or so (although, I assure you it’s much more interesting with a glass of wine… or vodka depending on which part we’re at- lol) however, my “thanks” this year is very different than it has ever been. I am thankful for many things and I am truly blessed, there is no doubt about that.

However, my biggest thanks goes to my friends this year- the ones that still stand by me every day. My family is more than I could ever ask for- they have put up with my craziness the most over the years- even those times that I have made it difficult for them- I’ve also been blessed with a career that I love as well as a business partner I can trust with anything. For those things I will always be thankful.

But, this year was a lesson in friendships- those that when things get bad they hug you tighter and those that walk away because it’s scary; those that love you even at your craziest and those that love you when it’s convenient; those that would do anything for you and those that won’t.

I have the best friends in the world- both new and old… and I am truly thankful for all of you.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and please share your stories- I read every one 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


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