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Below are some of the questions that we are frequently asked, so please feel free to read through them. However if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back with you promptly.

What is an Online Celebrity Platform™?

An Online Celebrity Platform™ is much more than a website, it is a system of tools that allows you to leverage online content to create business, rather than most websites which act like an online brochure and are frankly quite a waste of money.

How come you guys don’t just “make web sites?”

We don’t just “make web sites” because we believe this is an injustice to our clients. If we were to just create web sites, unfortunately, most of them would fail. It’s not enough to have a great web site (although it helps- and you’re one up on your competition if you have a complete web site that actually works!) you must also promote your site in order to get the results you want. So, we take you from web site creation to web site promotion and ultimately monetization.

I noticed you guys include PR in some of your Membership Packages. Why do I need PR? I thought I just needed a website?

PR is much more than just getting press about you and/ or your company. It also notifies clients about the newest developments in your business and reaffirms in their mind that you are an expert source. Through specialized syndication, PR also helps drive targeted traffic to your web site and brings more potential customers to your door step: however, when they arrive they are usually begging you to work with them rather than the other way around. The more your site is promoted, the more “hits” you get and the more hits you get the more interest is generated in the site form all sources, from individuals to search engines. Creating a buzz about you or your business is the single most important phase because without it everything you have done to create a terrific web site is wasted.

Can you work with my existing website, or do I have to pay you to start from scratch?

We can work with anything you’ve got! Frankly, we can build a site from the ground up or simply make changes to your current web site. About the only thing we ask is that you have a domain name- and even then, if you don’t have one, we can help you get one!

How much will all this cost me?

We have four different membership levels to fit every budget. Please see the Membership Page to view our membership levels and pricing.

If you have any further questions, please call 407.215.1739 or email us.

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