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5 Quick Tips to Getting Your Emails Read

#1 Release Date is Key: Studies show the Monday, Tuesdays and Weekends are the best days to send your emails to your lists. If you send your email on a Wednesday or Friday- you email is least likely to get read. The #1 best day to send email blasts- Tuesdays, they typically have the highest click-through-rates.

#2 Subject Lines Length: Keep your subject lines short, simple and too the point. As the old saying goes- KISS- keep it simple stupid!

#3 Personalize It: Studies show that if a personalization in the subject line is the best way to improve your open rate and click-through-rate.

#4 Number of Links: Again, keep it simple. Limit the number of links in your emails to only a couple. Anymore than five links, and you risk confusing the hell out of your readers (and losing their interest fast!).

#5 Text vs. HTML: People still debate whether text or html based emails are better. Studies show that text emails have only a slight advantage in click-through-rates over html. However, keep in mind that an open means that the full email has to be read, so if your email is in html and the images in your email didn’t download then although your email may have been read by your client you will not get an open stat for them.

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