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5 Email Marketing Best Practices to Remember

email marketing

Each day, every single one of us is inundated with emails.

While a few of these are from family and friends, many are from things we’ve signed up for ages ago, such as a requesting a coupon or entering a contest. Because we’re overwhelmed, many emails featuring content we’re interested in and/or need to see often end up in the trash.

As you can imagine, if you’re overwhelmed with the number of emails in your inbox, it makes sense that your clients are as well. However, having an email marketing program is extremely valuable, so you need to make sure your emails stand out in the crowd, and actually get read. Here are five best practices to help you make the best of your email marketing program:

1.   Be consistent.

It can be very damaging to your email marketing program if you only send emails sporadically. If people just receive an email from you after 6 months, they’ll likely have forgotten why they signed up. Conversely, sending emails too frequently can cause people to unsubscribe. Of worse, report you as spam. You should try sending at least one email a month, but beyond that, aim to find the happy medium that works for your business. One way to do this is by asking your subscribers how often they’d like to receive emails!

2.   See what works.

Testing can seem overwhelming, but it is an important thing to do. And, even better, it’s also not nearly as difficult to set up as many people think! All you have to do is create two very similar emails, and then set the emails up in your email marketing program to automatically send each email to a random half of your list. However, keep in mind that you can only test one thing each time, or you won’t be able to easily determine what your results mean!

3.   Don’t use generic subject lines.

One of the simplest mistakes I see as I’m looking over my inbox and trash folders is the number of emails that either use the same title over and over again, or they use something that tells the subscriber absolutely nothing about what’s in the email. For example, I have an email in my trash folder right now that has the title “News Update for January 28th.” I didn’t click on it because it said nothing that intrigued me and made me want to click. If the subject line doesn’t peak your subscribers’ interest, they won’t open the email.

4.   Don’t leave them hanging.

If a client signs up for your email list the day after you send out your monthly email, it will be quite a while before they actually receive an email from you. While a thank you page is great, it doesn’t do anything to further the connection between now and the next email.

A great alternative is to set up a short sequence that sends emails a couple of times after someone signs up. If you have a Call-to-Action, rather than a standard sign-up, the first autoresponder can send them the item they signed up for, like a free chapter from your book. The next step can be to ask them to join you on social media. Whatever you do, make sure to keep them engaged!

5.   Make it personal.

Even the littlest things, like making sure you start with “Dear John,” instead of “Dear client,” can instantly (and easily) make an email seem more personal. You can take this even further by adding tags to each subscriber’s profile in your email marketing system to allow you to easily narrow the audience for each email you send. For instance, you wouldn’t end up sending an email about a client appreciation event to someone who’s not yet a client, nor would you send an email introducing your services to an existing client.

So there are five best practices to keep in mind while building your email marketing program! Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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