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Lindsay’s SEO and Social Media Marketing Alerts – 2/19 Addition

Here are two great articles I read this week that I think are very relevant in the SMM (social media marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization world) that I wanted to share.

Here you go!

This week’s articles with special thanks to @briansolis @brianhorn

How to Use Google Buzz to Market Your Local Business

Have you heard about Google Buzz? Brian does a great job about the impacts it could have on your business and in Google’s local search. Check it out to see the implications it could have for you!
“…While everyone is checking out its cool features and new worlds of communication it has literally just opened up, all of us in the SEO profession are asking: "How will it affect local SEO?" Let me first point out a few all but obvious strategic advantages Google Buzz has over its competition…”read more

Social Media Optimization: SMO is the New SEO

GREAT article on why you now need to make sure you’re focusing on SMO (social media optimization), or as I call it SMM (social media marketing). This article really cuts down why both SEO and SMM are so important.
“…Technicalities involved with wiring SEO are not the same processes required to boost visibility in social networks like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. And it’s in social networks like these where people are increasingly spending time communicating, finding relevant and interesting content, and sharing it with their connections. So now, in addition to SEO, we have to implement and manage a Social Media Optimization (SMO) program around our content to increase visibility in these new environments…”read more

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