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11-27-12 Tuesday Training: The Top Three Things YOU Need to Do on Your Social Media Sites

Of all people and businesses, we understand that you might not have very much time to invest into social media outreach for your brand. But that doesn’t make it any less important. Below are three social media priorities that should be explicitly designated to whomever manages your social media.

  • Put Something Up! – A social media page without recent updates borders on worthless. Of course, it has its SEO and third-party-verifier uses which are extremely important. But if a client goes to Facebook to verify your brand and they find a ghost town for a business page, they won’t exactly get a positive impression. And to put it logically, a social media page with no social engagement just isn’t social. It’s just a page.
  • Post a video or a link. Even a simple status update. Something that will connect with your users. Do you have hobbies that they might be able to relate to? Is there a buzz in your industry about a related topic that you could comment on? Holidays are also great times to relate to people. What does your brand want to say about the upcoming celebration? And don’t forget, people love pictures.  Take pictures of an event or maybe an office party. Just connect with your followers. They will appreciate the effort and who knows, maybe they’ll engage with your brand and eventually give you their business. Social media is a great way to keep constant contact with your customers and potential customers. Don’t let that potentially lucrative opportunity turn into an empty page.
  • Check Your Messages! – People don’t like to be ignored. Especially from a customer service standpoint. Start seeing your social media inboxes like your customer service hotline. Many social media users today see interactions on social media sites on par with conversations in any other medium. This means, that many customers will have the same expectation to have their issue resolved via Twitter as they would the phone. Is it your company’s customer service policy to let the phone ring when it’s a customer with an issue? No, someone answers the phone and provides resolution. In the same way, a message should never sit in a social media inbox unchecked.
  • And even beyond complaint resolutions, we’ve seen many people ask for more information on a product or service through inboxes like Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ve even seen those inquiries converted to sales!
  • Whether you do it to provide excellent and responsive customer service or to facilitate sales, monitoring your social media inboxes is imperative.
  • Grow Your Network! – Even if you have someone managing your social media sites, this might be one you’ve got to do on your own. You can designate someone to post on your behalf, but you can’t quite designate someone to be you. Your social media manager may never know that the new CEO of a Fortune 500 company was your roommate in college. And they’ll probably never try to connect with them on LinkedIn unless they know. Only you know that you bumped into an old colleague at the grocery store whom you’d now like to do business with.
  • Obviously you could tell your social media manager each of these things. But odds are, you’ve got more important things floating around in your head. Instead, take 15 minutes every week and spend it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc. and grow your network. It’s a simple and enjoyable habit that could reap huge rewards for your business.

There are other very important parts of managing social media, but if you start with these priorities, you’ll have a solid start on building an online presence that works for you.

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